It’s great to have a weather station in Epping again

There used to be a weather station in Epping, run by George Booth FRMS at his home in Woodberry Down on the northern edge of the town. It recorded daily weather conditions without missing a single day from 1979 right through to 2013, an unbroken record of 35 years of weather. All this data was published daily to a dedicated website at

Sadly the station closed down when George moved to Scotland, but detailed records can still be found on the above website.

I used to love looking at this data and recalling major weather events, like the record-breaking heatwave of the summer of 1976, or the Great Storm of October 1987 and seeing how those affected Epping as shown by the weather readings of the time.

Now I’m glad to say we have a weather station in Epping again. It was donated to the Town Council and is mounted on a building at their depot at Stonards Hill. It is a fully automatic Davis Vantage Pro 2 station, and its readings are published in real time (well, every five minutes) to the Met Office’s Weather Observations Website (WOW) and to the Davis WeatherLink network, as well as to our very own dedicated website at It’s been running since mid December, but has only been fully configured for the past couple of months. Nevertheless we still have data going back to the start of the year.

This data already demonstrates how climate change is taking hold. We’ve already had the warmest January on record (1979-2013), the second warmest (and third wettest) February, the second March without an air frost, and the third warmest April.

Best of all though is being able to call up the home page at and see the current temperature, to get a heads up on what to wear to go out before opening the front door!